A project in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Michael Bücker. Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning in pharmacy?

In diagnosis, AI is a serious option which has proven to be beneficial in certain indications and settings: algorithms will soon support the radiologist in the search for metastasis. Can AI be employed in therapy as well?

How does AI need to be embedded into a clinical decision support system if we aim to reach more than just mimicking the current situation? Can AI be superior to programmed guidelines? How about the real clinical challenges with multiple diseases and complex cases? Can an intelligent decision support system overcome this limitation? Does it have to learn ‚only from the best‘? How does it respond to innovations or, in contrast, to new restrictions, like newly discovered adverse drug events?

Will a future decision support system be a combination of AI and fixed programming? We are searching for answers to these questions. 

Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacotherapy